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vegaz v3
  • CliMax

    A/C System

    Our advanced Air Conditioning system ensures a pleasant consistently comfortable tanning temperature..

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    Quickstart Connection

    Quick start connection providing users with a hassle-free, efficient, and personalized tanning experienc.

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  • Sound Around Plus

    Sound Around Plus Music System

    It features 4 built-in speakers, 2 additional music channels & SD Card & MyMP3 compatibility for tanning.

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  • Ambient Flow Light

    Ambient Flow Light

    This subtle color flow with a wide range of color options provides that extra luxurious touch to this pi.

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    XSens aromatherapy distributes a wonderful scent throughout the interior of the bed, creating a pleasant.

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    With QSens, a gentle refreshing mist keep users across the body at intervals,feeling fresh while they ta.

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    Adjustable Body and Facial Cooling

    The Adjustable body cooling system allows users to easily adjust the fan speed to create a comfortable a.

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  • Contour Plus

    Contoured Acrylic

    Feel the comfort of the new Luxura Vegaz’s bed – its ergonomically formed surface is designed to follow .

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Standard Features

  • SoundAround
  • SmartVoice
  • EcoPower
  • Smart Cooling
  • Tanning power preset: low – Medium – high
  • BPS Facial filters

Extra options

  • IPS facial filters
  • MyLuxura portal
  • Xsens
  • Qsens
  • Air extraction cover


Canopy Lamps24 x 200W UV
Canopy Lamps8 x 200W Red Light
Bench Lamps14 x 200 Watts UV
Bench Lamps6 x 200 Watts Red Light
Shoulder Tanner2 x 250W
Facial Lamps4 x 600 Watts + UV & Red Light LED
Session Time10 Minutes
Room AC RequirementsBTU 9000 A/C
Recommended Room Size9 x 10ft
Shipping Dimensions90″ x 53″ x 70″
Shipping Weight1650 lbs
Dimensions93.7”L x 60.6”W x 87.2”H
Electrical RequirementsThree Phase Connection
Electrical Rating230V 3~50A 60 Hz ; 3 Pole ( 3 Hots 1 Ground)
Breaker Size50 amp
Buckbooster2* 1.0 Kva
Electrical RequirementsSingle Phase Connection
Electrical Rating230V ~60A 60 Hz ; 2 Pole (2 Hots 1 Ground)
Breaker Size80 Amps
Buckbooster1 * 2.0 Kva
T-Max IntegratedStandard
Quickstart FunctionStandard
Adjustable Body & Facial CoolingStandard
Ambient FlowlightStandard
SoundAround Plus Music System w/ Bluetooth & SD Card SystemStandard
Bluetooth & SD Card SystemStandard
QSens Body MisterStandard
XSens Aromatherapy – 1 scentStandard
Contoured AcrylicStandard
MyLuxura PortalOptional
Xsens Aromatherapy – 3 scentsOptional



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