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Starting a new business is thrilling, yet can seem intimidating when you lay out all of the many factors to consider. With over 35 years of industry experience, ProSun is here to help make your salon a success by guiding you in the direction that best fits your business needs. Our consultants are willing to share their expertise and provide you with the tools you need to thrive for as long as you choose to keep your doors open. A pressure free phone call will help us better assess what your desired set up is and how we can help you achieve it based on several key influences.

  • Contact Us | Discuss Concept and Startup Costs

    Are you dreaming of owning your own spa or salon? Contact ProSun today to learn about how we can help you bring your dream alive. We’re here to help.

  • Mock Budgets & Business Plans

    Professional business development associates will then discuss demographics, location and other details to better understand the type of spa or salon you’re planning.

  • Financing Options & Business Creation

    Using your new mock budgets and business plan we will determine your best financing options and business structure get you the equipment deemed best for your location.

  • Marketing Startup Plan & Salon Support Program

    ProSun cares about our customers and want to assist them with future success. Offering Salon Support program after your doors open to ensure continued success.

Contact Us To Discuss Concepts & Startup Costs

Step 1. Contact Us To Discuss Concepts & Startup Costs


Once the overall concept is solidified our discussion turns to the several costs beyond equipment costs associated with starting a business.

  • Build out costs
  • Lease rates
  • Utilities deposits
  • Prepaid expenses such as insurance
  • Sales tax bond
  • Startup legal costs
  • Pre-startup marketing
  • Cash to fund losses until business breaks even
  • Business plan development

Remember, you will need to personally put up the above funds even if you plan on financing equipment through your bank or a leasing company.

Mock Budgets & Business Plans

Step 2. Mock Budgets & Business Plans


When analyzing your budget and fiscal plan you will need to take into consideration how the cost of rent, insurance, company payroll and utilities will play into your overall business plan. This type of information, amongst other important factors, will help us assist you in choosing between buying or leasing, and selecting a financing company that meets your needs. These details will aid in market analysis, location selection, organization structure and more.

The next step of the planning and budgeting process is using the market research to determine the type of equipment solutions that best fit the demographics you’re looking to serve. ProSun offers a wide variety of equipment solutions to accommodate a range of services. These solutions include commercial tanning equipment, red light systems and wellness solutions with various benefits for your future clients.

Financing & Business Entities

Step 3. Financing & Business Entities


There are many ways that you can get the financing you need to open a spa or salon. You may need to raise the capital from family, friends, and personal loans. Alternatively, you can take your newly developed business plan to your bank and seek financing through a home equity line of credit.

Another option you can look into is the Small Business Administration. Many lenders have programs that provide loans specifically for salons and spa startups.


ProSun business associates will also walk you through starting your business entity, getting your FEI number and even more to ensure you are ready to open your doors when the time comes.

Marketing & Salon Support

Step 4. Marketing & Salon Support


Advertising is essential, not only in generating awareness of the products and services you provide, but influencing how potential customers perceive your business. ProSun will help provide you with the appropriate imagery, flyers and advertising material that will showcase and promote why your salon is the place to be.


ProSun has developed a monthly support program to help you maintain and grow your client base. We include website creation, social media marketing, Google Ad management, online booking tools and much more! Learn more at salonsupportprogram.com

Curious About Revenue?

Equipment solutions for tanning salons and spas can include the design of a custom floor plan, incorporating our best practices to help maximize your member usage rates and overall success.

Our designers help guide you on selecting the correct equipment for your spa or salon, and the ideal layout to maintain the balance between privacy and member awareness. When packaged properly, you’ll experience a significant impact with your premium membership sales once open.

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