Discover All Benefits

  • Trackless System

    AquaFrixio functions seamlessly, devoid of any tracking mechanisms or additional moving components, ensu.

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  • Preset & Custom Massages

    Empower your customers with the option to select from pre-programmed custom massages or tailor a massage.

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  • MyAquaFrixio Portal

    Owners can access vital information, stay updated on real-time events, and conveniently receive the late.

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  • Media Integrated

    Enhance your massage experience by setting the mood with soothing music, allowing you to fully relax and.

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  • Smooth Zone Transitions

    AquaFrixio seamlessly transitions between zones, creating a soothing and uninterrupted experience for ul.

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  • Adjustable Water Temperature

    You have the flexibility to adjust the temperature according to your preference, whether you desire a re.

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  • Anti-Bacterial Top

    Enhances the safety and hygiene of your water filtration system by preventing bacterial growth.

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  • Low & Easy Maintenance

    Aquafrixio simplifies water system upkeep, reducing time, effort, and costs for hassle-free maintenance..

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Electrical Rating220V ~9A 60Hz
Power Requirements20 Amp Dedicated Line
Water Requirements40 Gallons Distilled Water
Display21” Touch Screen
Session Time10-60 Minutes
TMAX CompatibleStandard
TMAX IntegratedOptional (110V required)
Weight600 lbs filled
300 lbs empty
375 lbs weight limit
Room Size9 ft x 8 ft


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