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    T-Max Integrated

    T-Max integration for effortless control from the front desk or your integrated timer system ensuring us.

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    Touch Screen User Display

    Operates from a user friendly touch screen display that controls music, body cooling, and starts the ses.

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    Quickstart Connection

    Quick start connection providing users with a hassle-free, efficient, and personalized tanning experienc.

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    Adjustable Body Cooling

    Users can easily adjust cooling speed on the intuitive touch screen display for personalized comfort, pu.

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    Basic Sound System

    Option to enjoy your own music throughout the tanning session enhances comfort, relaxation, and overall..

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Lamps48 x 200W Red Light
Session Time12 Minutes
Room AC RequirementsBTU 12000 A/C
Recommended Room Size8 x 7 ft
Shipping Weight935 lbs
Shipping Dimensions92” x 46” x 72”
Electrical Requirements3 Phase-50 Amp; Single Phase-80 Amp
Three Phase Connection
Electrical Rating230V 3~36A 60 Hz; 3 Pole (3 Hots 1 Ground)
Breaker Size50 Amp
Buckbooster2 * 1.0 Kva
Single Phase Connection
Electrical Rating230V~60A 60 Hz; 2 Pole (2 Hots 1 Ground)
Breaker Size80 Amp
Buckbooster1 * 2.0 Kva
T-Max IntegratedStandard
Quickstart ConnectionStandard
Touch Screen User DisplayStandard
Adjustable Body CoolingStandard
Basic Sound SystemStandard
Dressing RoomOptional

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